10 Lemon Hacks That You Must Try Out!

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Filled with vitamin C, lemons can remove the worst flaws, remove the stinkiest smell, and even make you look fresh from top to bottom. Also, it is not shocking that adding citrus would boost your health as well but did you know that the small fruit has many more benefits? You can definitely use it in lemonade and combine it with your various recipes, but do you know the other marvelous ideas which lemon has to offer? While you can use lemon in your daily routine on several occasions, we’ve compiled a list of10 hacks that justify why and how you can use lemon to make something simple in your day to day life. And if life gives you lemons in the future, you will know how to use them around the house exactly. Trust me, you will be surprised by these lemon hacks. Excited to dive deeper into it? Let’s get started!

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You can always go and buy things like Sun-In to get this job done but after talking to some of my blonde friends, this small and super simple hack seems like the easiest solution. What you need to do is squeeze half a lemon on your hair and then wait to dry under the heat. Heat makes your blonde show more clearly in general. You can also try squeezing a lemon on your hair after a shower and then giving it a blow-dry.

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There’s no doubt that lemons can make a perfect lemonade, but have you ever thought about how to use the lemon to clean the microwave? If you haven’t, you may want to try this hack. What you need to do is take a cup of water and lemon juice in a microwave and heat it. When the water is heated up, you can quickly remove the stubborn grease and your microwave will shine like a piece of glass.

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Are you tired of struggling with smelly garbage disposal and spending several hours to clean it up? If yes, then you should definitely follow this hack to make things simpler for yourself. All you’ve got to do is take a few ice cubes, a pinch of salt, and a few lemon peels and stir it. When you’re done with that, just throw it away in the disposal, and trust me it will smell a lot fresher and better.

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If you’re sick of wasting cash on ineffective body scrubs, it might be a more reliable option to make your own with things you’ve supposedly got in your pantry. This lime face was made by using a simple hack that will save you hundreds of dollars and proves as the most suitable solution for a home-based body scrub. Not only this, the smell of this scrub is so nice that it will make you fall in love with itself.

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Are you tired of wasting money on costly polish or cleaner to shine your beautiful wooden floors? Well if you follow this hack, you can save a few bucks easily and make your own wood cleaner with minimal effort. All you have to do is take a whole lemon and put it in a glass. When finished, add a full teaspoon of water and oil and shake until emulsified. Finally, dunk the cloth in the gloss and let the wood shine.

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Hideous dandruff will ruin the finest black clothes and destroy your self-esteem. And while there’s a lot to help with counter options, sometimes it’s costly. However, according to us the issue of lemon juice and water can be minimized at minimal or no expense. What you need to do is blend some lemon juice with water and apply the mixture to your hair before washing. Last but not least, wash your hair with shampoo and you’re ready to go!

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Do you remember the snack times when your parents used to place freshly cut apples in a lemon bag? Have you ever tried to discover the reason behind it? If not, don’t worry, we’ll let you know why your parents did this, and how it’s going to be a great hack. So the explanation is that freshly cut apples will make a brown film if they are not covered after they have been cut. Holding a few thin slices of lemon in a piece of freshly sliced apple or avocado stops the brown coating from forming.

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Lemon acts as a great agent to eliminate a bad smell. From removing the scent of fish from your hands to removing the grease in your kitchen, lemon will do wonders. What you need to do is rub a few slices of lemon on your palm or press the lemon into the water and extract the grease. This easy hack can also be used to reduce the smell of paint, recycle food containers, eradicate the skunky smell of the car, and reduce the unpleasant smell of sneakers.

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Lemons are ideal for multipurpose cleaning.
What you need to do is microwave one cup of water with 1/4 of the lemon juice for five minutes to loosen the grease or any other grime stuck in the microwave. After shaving, cut one half of the lemon and freeze through the cutting board to clear the marks from the tiny cracks. Half of the lemon also cleans the stainless steel filth and limescale, just clean with water.

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Don’t you like the scent of vinegar trying to keep the ants out of your house? The lemons are naturally acidic and smell much better.
Cut the lemon wedges and leave where bugs, such as insects and fleas, appear to invade your homes, such as cracks by openings and hallways. You can also rub it over surfaces for a wider range of coverage. This repellent works amazing because of its acidic smell.

So this was all that I wanted to share. If you have got better ideas/hacks of how lemon can do wonders, feel free to let me know about it in the comments! Until next time, keep reading.

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