10 hilarious failed deliveries

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We just love doing a bit of online shopping. We can order almost everything we want and get it shipped to our home right away. Also, we can give presents to people all over the world, but the system isn’t flawless. Many individuals encounter unusual deliveries from time to time. Having said that, let’s have a look at some of the most hilarious and usual deliveries received in the history of online shopping. Excited to dive deeper? Let’s get started!

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The best thing about online shopping is the ability to allow customization of orders and add instructions for delivery. And, although disobedience to the instructions given by us arouses anger in our minds, I am sure you would have wanted the delivery guy not to listen to you when looking at this image. Well, if you ask me about it, I think he took the instructions too seriously.

Image Source: Reddit

It feels great when the delivery man doesn’t mess up your orders and leaves the package where you had asked him to. But, looking at this picture, I can tell that the customer must be hating the delivery guy for doing so. Well, doesn’t this look like something easy to do but extremely difficult to undo? Now I can only hope that the guy successfully got his package out without destroying the stuff inside it.

Image Source: Imgur

Looking at this picture, I think that the delivery guy quite understood that the customer’s neighborhood is not a safe place, and being a responsible individual, he decided to leave it in the bush. To be honest, I wouldn’t call it a great camouflage strategy but it’s certainly better than leaving the package on the doorstep to be stolen/messed up by someone when the customer isn’t home.

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I know it sounds weird that a package might lock you in your house but it isn’t unbelievable. A delivery man from UPS left the Amazon pack under the doorknob in such a way that the door could not be opened. This was indeed sad that the customers got locked in the apartment because of the delivery guy’s negligence. But, thanks to the building maintenance who helped those customers as soon as possible.

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This picture actually gives chills because the first thing that comes to someone’s mind after looking at it is: Is that blood? Well, when the customer posted this picture, he mentioned the caption as: “ I think FedEx used my package in a murder before they delivered it.” Replying to his post some called it blood splatter while some considered it like ketchup and hot sauce on the package. Although it remains a mystery as to who did it and how it happened, I just hope it wasn’t blood!

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It feels really special when you surprise someone. I assume that this is what the customer had wanted to do when he gave the delivery instructions. It was his mother’s birthday and he was going to surprise her. However, it seems that fate had other intentions for him, and perhaps that’s why the message was printed on the package, rather than keeping it a secret.

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It looks like the customer forgot to consider the size of the pot while giving the delivery instructions. And, maybe that’s why the delivery guy left it in a manner where literally even an ant could spot it. Well, the only advice that I could give the customer is that they should be a bit more vigilant when giving out instructions. Trust me, even Dora the explorer would prefer not to ask about the parcel location in this scenario.

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I think this FedEx delivery guy was either drunk or blind that he literally broke into the house walls for delivering it. While I hope that this guy and house members were safe, I would think twice before ordering anything online after this event.

Image Source: Youtube/Gobbie55

Looking at this image, it feels like either the delivery man is actually frustrated with his job or he doesn't like the customer. After all, why would anyone throw a package inside the house like this when he knows that the parcel contains a computer in it?

Image Source: Imgur

Despite requesting the delivery man to knock on the door loudly, the UPS guy just left the package outside the door and the receipt stuck on the message sheet. Needless to say, his “I don’t care” attitude was quite visible from his actions.

While online shopping is comfortable, we can’t ignore one of the major cons of it: improper delivery. It’s also hilarious to look at these pictures afterward but not at the present moment or when it happens with us. I don’t think there’s much we can do about it, but we can surely resort to offline shopping or complaints if it's troubling us regularly.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know your views in the comments! And, until next time, keep reading!

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